Crafty Fox Gin


This uniquely hand crafted gin - Crafty Fox Gin - is our premium gin.

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Crafty Fox Gin is quite simply anawesome Hand Crafted Gin...

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Crafty Fox Gin is unique because you can actually taste and smell the natural botanicals which we infuse.

These botanicals used in the Crafty Fox Gin include; pepper, bay leaf, coriander, lime, orange peel and juniper.

The flavour is prodominently of juniper, which gives the gin it's unique smooth flavour.

This gin is so smooth it can be best drunk neat, with ice, without the burn. Or if prefered, mixed with tonic and a slice of lime.

Please check out our selection of gin cocktails, such as the summer 'Bramble' or, the classic 'Martini', where Crafty Fox is the perfect gin to use.

Batch number on lable of Crafty Fox Gin bottle
Much more than a unique flavour... every bottle of our Crafty Fox Gin is unique. All batches are signed and each bottle has a unique number.
Crafty Fox Gin pendant
A copper fox head pendant adorns the neck of every Crafty Fox gin bottle. It is the perfect gin to add to your drinks cabinet.

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